July 14, 2019

United States – the land of the gigantic

United states Flag

The land of the large

One famous characteristic of the land of the free is that a lot of things are unusually large in size.   Extra large portions of food, cars, drinks, steaks, cities, budgets and yes, natural phenomena.  These natural phenomena are awe-inspiring beautiful and beg to be visited.

Niagara Falls – An United States icon

The Falls are open 365 days a year.  Visitors can experience this awe-inspiring scenery.  It is estimated that 168 000 cubic meters of water falling over the edge every minute.  Sometimes it is a winter wonderland with frozen waterfalls and snow-capped treetops. During summer months again nature painted in the most vibrant colors. Book a place on one of the guided walks and talks.   Find out more about the ecology, history and stories of this magnificent area.

United States Niagara Falls

Grand Canyon

This Arizona based wonder has been carved out by the Colorado River over many centuries.  It displays layers of red rock revealing centuries of history.  The canyon is 446 kilometers long and 29 kilometers wide.  It is divided in a South Rim which is open all year long and the North Rim which is closed during the winter season.  This year is the year of centennial celebrations for this park.  The park offers an abundance of wildlife and flora, ecological info, history and many viewpoints.  Explore the Canyon from the sky, with this magnificent skydiving opportunity.

United States Grand Canyon

Death Valley – the lowest point in the United States

This ominous name is a reflection of the true nature of this valley.  Located in Eastern California, in the northern Mojave Desert bordering the Great Basin Desert. This is one of the hottest places in the world.  It is also one of the coldest places in winter. The danger of this valley is in the fact that rains in the mountains cause unexpected flash floods in the valley.  In the barren loins of this valley is much more on offer than a desolate environment. Visitors can go to the lowest point in the entire United States at Badwater basin. It is situated 282 feet below sea level. Book for this guided tour of Death Valley and learn all there is to learn about this piece of land.

United States - Death Valle
The Mississippi

This river is the heart and soul of the American economy.  It is the longest in North America, draining about 3.1 million square kilometers.  The Mississippi runs from close to the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. It offers many attractions along the way and visitors have a variety of destinations to choose from when planning a visit to this majestic river. Visit the Old Chain and Rocks Bridge, one of the longest steel span bridges in the country.  Take a journey along the Mississippi Hills wine trail.  Here you will taste some of the best viticulture produce that this rich valley has to offer. Explore the many interesting places around the Mississippi.

United States Mississippi
Crater Lake

Famous for its deep blue, clear water, this lake is offering plenty of breath-taking scenery.  Crater Lake has formed thousands of years ago when a violent eruption caused this volcano to collapse on itself.  The lake is part of a national park and is accessible through the Fleetwood Cove Trail.  Swimming in the lake is limited due to limited direct access to the water.  It is, however, the center of many tourist attractions around the lake in the state of Oregon.

United States Crater Lake

Yosemite Valley

They call is a geologic marvel of the United States. This valley is a 1220-meter-deep trough lined by towering cliffs and glacially sculpted, and polished rock.  It is the prized jewel of Yosemite National Park.  This valley carved by glaciers can’t be compared to any other valleys formed the same way due to its magnitude.  It is also home to many black bears, mule deer and chipmunks.  The valley offers hiking trails, paved bike paths, rock climbing lessons, photography seminars and even evening theatre.  Alternatively, sit down and just enjoy the view.

United States Yosemite Valley

Old Faithful

Yellowstone National park in Wyoming is a well-known tourist attraction.  So it Old Faithful, the geyser erupting every 44 to 125 minutes since the year 2000.  This regular eruption is due to loops in the underground system.  This was the first geyser to be found and named in the park.  It is however not the tallest or the largest geyser in the park, that would be the Steamboat Geyser, but it is the most predictable one.  Old Faithful is only one of the many attractions in the Yellowstone National Park.

United States Old Faithful

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