What You Will Get

Under the African sky next to a magnificent natural wonder lies a small town bearing the same name, Victoria Falls.

For as the Zambezi plummets over the cliff and flowing from there into a series of gorges, the surrounding area has been home to white rhinos and elephants.  Today they are still roaming in the natural beauty of the beautiful Zambezi National Park.

The sheer beauty of the magnificent site is breath-taking and a very popular tourist destination for the plenty.  From nature lovers to romantic souls, to adrenaline chasers bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge, built in 1905 across the river, the Victoria Falls never disappoints.

A variety of options are available in luxury accommodation, providing a private escape to those who are in search of the tranquillity offered only in the wild.

Explore the surrounding rain forests created by the constant spray from the falls, the wildlife and flora it is habitat to and enjoy the magnitude of panoramic views on the majestic falls with a guided tour.  April to June is when the Zambezi floods and the falls increases in magnitude.  The perfect time to visit is therefore now.