What You Will Get

Grand Traverse of the Drakensberg

Explore the untouched nature of the Drakensberg Mountain Range on this all-inclusive 14-day trek over 210 kilometers.  The journey is set from the wilderness of the Ukhahlamba World Heritage towards the South.  This is not for the fainthearted.  The trek involves high altitude traveling over very rugged terrain in the Drakensberg Mountains with your backpack loaded.  This is, however, more than a test for fitness, but also one for mental strength and resilience.  The rewards are an unparalleled experience of the Drakensberg, magnificent views and the escape from civilization.

The Drakensberg, a mountain challenge

Traveling through mountains means that clean water is never far away.  It also means that hikers need to be prepared for any kind of weather.  Being on top of the highest mountain in South Africa is synonymous with fickle weather.  Expect sunny and warm days to change into foggy conditions quickly.  The nights can be icy cold and depending on the season you are in, snow can’t be excluded from the planning.  Yet in the end, it all contributes to memories lasting a lifetime and the sense of accomplishment through life-changing achievement.


The itinerary is packed with challenging climbs to the top of the escarpment via chain ladders and from there the journey continues.  Breakfast is normally enjoyed early with views over breathtaking panoramic views.  Some of the highlights include the Tugela Falls at the Amphitheatre.  This is the 2nd highest waterfall in the world, swimming at the source of the Orange River, seeing Madonna and her worshipers and Cathedral Peak.  Included in the price for the 14 days of hiking and 13 nights of sleeping are all meals prepared by the guides, camping gear, park fees and accommodation at the Mountain Lodge on the final night as well as transfer from the trek end to your accommodation.  This trek is offered under the guidance of professional mountain guides.

Be brave, be courageous and reach beyond your limits for this life-changing experience in the beauty of the Drakensberg Mountains.