What You Will Get

Two popular destinations

Two very popular and prominent destinations in South Africa is Sun City as well as the Pilanesberg region.  Traveling between the two tourism icons have been made easy for all visiting either from a local destination or abroad.  A well-organized network of local overland transport facilities are being operated between Johannesburg OR Tambo airport, most hotels in the Johannesburg and Pretoria region, Sun City and the Pilanesberg National Park and surrounding accommodation options.  You can now pre-book your arrival or destination times and experience the comfort of a relaxing drive in either a luxury minivan or sedan, exclusively for you or your group.  In cases where the group is relatively large with a load of luggage, a trailer can be hired to ensure that you and your belongings arrive safely at the same time. During your drive of a maximum of three hours, you will receive bottled water as refreshment and be entertained with the most majestic scenery along the way.

Sun City – where the sun never sets

Since it’s opening in 1979, Sun City has had the attention of the world and of South Africa.  The most magnificent holiday resort in Africa is home to the Valley of Waves, only one of the many attractions to this wonderful place.  Truly a playground for young and old alike.

Pilanesberg – a wild destination

Pilanesberg is popular due to its magnificent setting in the African wild bush.  The Big 5 is only one of the many attractions which let tourists flock here in large numbers, year after year. Many luxurious accommodation options open their doors every day to visitors from far and wide to come and relax and recuperate under the African skies.

Traveling around these brilliant destinations is really made easy with great shuttle services.  No reason exists for you to be stuck in one place on your visit to Africa.  Book your shuttle service in advance and explore.