What You Will Get

A swift break away from the mundane

Visit Swaziland when the Jozie drill is exhausting and draining. The glorious kingdom of Swaziland is less than 5 hours away. She is awaiting you for a swift visit to their beauty and warmth.  Book for the 1 night 2 days tour of Swaziland and refresh your soul.

Visit the highlights that Swaziland has to offer

On this swift tour, visitors travel from Johannesburg on day 1 to the Malolotja Nature Reserve in Swaziland.  Within about 4 hours you enter through the border into this majestic kingdom and from there it is a short drive through the breathtaking wild towards your destination.  This is where the adventure truly begins with a canopy tour in the Malolotja Mountains.  Under the guidance of a trained guide, visitors can experience an adrenaline rush. They will fly in freedom above the treetops and have a bird’s eye view on the unique fauna and flora of the area.  Relax afterwards for a night in comfort at either a Mantenga lodge or in a beehive hut in the Millwane reserve for a true African experience.

A day packed with activities

Kick-off your day with a visit to the Swazi Cultural Village, the Ngwenya glass factory and visit the local market, a candle factory and join in on a city tour of Mbabane.  Transport head back to Johannesburg from Swaziland around midday and arrive again in Johannesburg in the evening.

Do you need an escape from your daily routine, but can’t seem to find the time to explore? Then this tour is the perfect solution.  Within a small amount of time, inspiring destinations are on your itinerary.  Therefore this is the perfect place to escape to for a quick refresher mid-year.

Don’t delay, book right away, for you deserve it.