What You Will Get

An alternative to the stress of driving

Book a shuttle service for a weekend in Hazyview and relax all the way.  For a lot of foreign tourists and local visitors alike, the time spent on the road is not much fun.  The driver is focused on the surrounding traffic, which means that he is often not taking part in the conversation. The driver has to concentrate the entire time, miss out on magnificent scenery which is part of the journey. Hence he arrives exhausted at the destination.

Hassle-free traveling from Johannesburg to Hazyview

Have the hassle of traveling be taken care of for you by one of the many shuttle services. They make daily trips between places like Hazyview and cities like Johannesburg.  Book your family’s break-away weekend to relax and enjoy the wonders of Hazyview at one of their many accommodation options, spoil yourself to the comfort of an easy and stress-free journey.  Reserve the adrenaline rush for the adventures ahead at some of the many wildlife encounters. Even more so when doing the thrilling experience of an aerial glide trail over the treetops in the valley surrounding the magnificent Sabie River.

A multitude of collection and drop-off points

The shuttle service offers a family-friendly and safe journey starting from a multitude of collection points in Johannesburg.  They also have a variety of drop-off locations in the Hazyview area.  Explore and appreciate the magnificent natural beauty easily with this easy solution.  The views surrounding the roads are breathtaking. Also it makes it easy to interact and be part of the very important part of each journey, to make magnificent memories.  Arrive relaxed at your destination. With plenty of energy for a fun-filled weekend of adventure and exploring the awe-inspiring region. As well as the African wild roaming the territory you have entered with your family.

Have fun, shuttle away.  Book now and make memories.