What You Will Get

A Variety of options

When visiting an island paradise, traveling can become part of the adventure if you would like it to be.  This is the case in Seychelles.  Even though traveling can be done in some luxuriously comfortable shuttle options the adventure continues when you travel between island via boat or ferry.  These options can be booked in advance to secure your travels to go smooth and easy.

Traveling by land in Seychelles

Seychelles offer a variety of shuttle services, collection and transfer services between hotels and different destinations.  Travelers can book these to travel in comfort.  Alternatively, the island of Mahé does have an extensive network of bus routes, covering a wide variety of destinations.  You will notice the exact route and destination clearly marked when getting into a bus and you can also acquire a timetable with the various bus routes at the terminus in Victoria.  This is the perfect way to immerse yourself with the local people and their true culture.  This can also be a much more affordable way of going about.

Traveling by sea

Seychelles exists of a variety of different islands and often visitors don’t want to be limited to only one island.  Therefore there are a number of ferry services available to book to assure your place on these.  The Cat Cocos Fast Ferry traveling between Mahé and Praslin is an example of one of these.  You can either buy a one-way ticket or return, depending on your traveling plans.  This is a comfortable way of doing some island hopping and explores more of the beautiful scenery from a different angle.   Another destination combination which the Cat Cocos Fast Ferry offer is between Mahé and La Digue Island. These ferries are a fast, safe and affordable form of transportation when you need to travel via sea to get to the next part of your journey.

Book your space in advance.