What You Will Get

A great balance between exploration and relaxation

Zanzibar has all the ingredients for an experience of a lifetime.  This magnificent tropical island in the Indian Ocean, not far off from the coast of Tanzania, is truly a paradise destination.  With the seven day tour, guests to this semi-autonomous state is treated like royalty and there is no better way to get to know these islands.  The tour delivers on a great balance between relaxing on the beaches where the turquoise waves lick the sand and brilliant tours to immerse yourself in nature.

The magical itinerary to Zanzibar

On the tour guests are taken to Stone Town.  Stone Town is an architectural gem reflecting the rich history of this place.  Zanzibar has many stories to tell and walking in these historic streets bring some of them alive. Your guide will not only entertain you, but also share some of the mind-blowing historical facts of the place.

A visit to Prison Island or also known as Changuu Island is also on the list.  This island centered on slave trade. Explore the Menai Bay on a dhow and visit some of the uninhabited islands.  Plenty of opportunities for snorkelling will allow guests to enjoy the beautiful coral of the archipelago.

So much included

On this tour almost all meals as well as six nights of accommodation is included.  Transfers and all entries fees are also covered.  Yet, what the tour deliver is so much more than that.  It is a peek into a brilliant destination, a chance to immerse yourself in a culture so foreign and exotic, you won’t leave the same.  From the many impressive buildings, the awe inspiring natural beauty and the golden sunsets when the sun kiss the east coast goodnight, the thing which you will remember most is the warmth of the people.

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