What You Will Get

An underappreciated historic gem

Port Elizabeth is one of the oldest cities in South Africa.  It’s a city with a rich history displayed in the architecture of many well-known landmarks.  The city is also known for its vibrant buzz and a cultural collage.  The ultimate way to explore this beautiful city is with a guided tour.  This tour lasts for six magical hours and takes visitors to the wonderful sites and historical gems.

Some things need to be seen

Nelson Mandela chose Port Elizabeth to carries his name as a legacy.  Book for the ultimate tour of Port Elizabeth and find out why Madiba liked this city so much.  The tour spends two and a half hours walking through the beautiful and historic city center.  Starting at Campanile Memorial which marks the entrance to the railway station and is considered an architectural wonder of both historical and modern elements.  Another site being visited is Donkin Reserve at Belmont Terrace.

A collage of a colonial and an African heritage

The area is known for some charming Victorian churches as well as historic cottages which have been brilliantly renovated over the years in Donkin Street.  A visit to the old lighthouse is also on the itinerary.  This lighthouse was vital in earlier years in directing ships into the bay.  Fort Frederick is one of the last remaining British structures in Port Elizabeth and then the tour heads for two local breweries.  These two craft breweries are known for their unique local beers.  The last part of the journey meanders through Walmer Township, which is one of the oldest townships in South Africa.  Here the group can immerse themselves in true African culture before ending the journey with a scrumptious meal of African cuisine.

Port Elizabeth has plenty of accommodation options and is a wonderful destination to explore during these winter holidays.