What You Will Get

So much to do

Phuket is a magical paradise wonder and only a flight away.  This is a dream destination of many with great reason.  The island is focused on only offering the best services, accommodation and experiences to their very much appreciated visitors.  With many magnificent white sandy beaches, the most brilliant marine life living between awe-inspiring coral reefs, there is no shortage of fun activities for beachgoers.  For those who would prefer a day away from the beach, there are many other activities on offer to make your stay brilliant.


Zorbing is probably one of the most fun activities in Phuket.  Zorbing is the fun activity of rolling down a hill in a giant, flexible ball.  The setting where zorbing takes place in Phuket is the Rollerball Zorbing Phuket site which is an adventure spot overlooking one of Phuket’s most famous beaches.  The ball is filled with about 40 litres of water before you are pushed down the 190 metres downhill.  Prepare to have safe fun and loads of laughter.  Afterwards included in the price are ice cream and fruit juice.  This is fun and laughs for the entire family.

Explore the brilliant sites of Phuket

A tour leaves from Khao Lak and from there visitors will be taken to the most brilliant sites on the island.  These include the Chalong Temple and the Big Buddha.  A visit to the old town of Phuket will amaze you with its mosaic of boutiques and cafes and some Sino-Portuguese architecture.  The local market and some Thai dessert tasting is a must.

Capture your special moments

While you are in the most amazing setting, why not make great use of the professional photographer based in Krabi to capture your special moments. Super romantic photos set on the brilliant beaches with the sun setting in the back make for brilliant showpieces without a selfie stick.

Phuket has so much on offer, so many different accommodation options and countless numbers of experiences, make some of them yours today.

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