What You Will Get

The jewel in the crown of the Garden Route

Of the many breath-taking destinations set on the Garden Route, Knysna is most probably the one which can be considered as the crown jewel.  There are plenty of opportunities to explore and this is exactly what this five-hour tour offers.  Cycling through the most magnificent beauty it gives your the opportunity to soak up the complete awe of your surroundings.  With visits to the well-known Heads, the Lagoon, the vibrant Waterfront and the Featherbed Nature Reserve, visitors can explore at a gentle pace.  The tour price includes a private guide bringing you and your group a much more personal experience of this coastal beauty, snacks and beverages, lunch as well as a cycle to explore the streets with.

The Tour of Knysna

Meeting up at Thesen Islands at the marina, the tour starts off with exploring the 90ha existing out of 19 islands.  These islands are all man-made and are linked with 21 bridges to the surrounding areas.  Cycling down the lagoon banks, the surroundings are alive with an abundance of bird life.  The lagoon is the last part of the river before the clear water from the Outeniqua Mountains flows into the ocean.  The glorious Knysna Heads form the grand entrance into the ocean.  Cycling up the Heads is slightly exhausting, but absolutely worthwhile in the view from the top.  Magnificent scenery from Knysna and surrounds is just simply breath-taking.

Leisure Isle

Leisure Isle is another Knysna gem.  Cycling downhill is a breeze to visiting this beauty. The Steenbok Nature Reserve is also on route with an abundance of flora and indigenous trees.  Relax afterward with a delectable lunch before returning to the Knysna Waterfront which is abuzz with vibrant activities, artwork and more.

Book for this five-hour excursion in the magnificent Knysna and enjoy the jewel of the Garden Route.