What You Will Get

Travel at a relaxed pace

In life, where we often just rush by the most amazing moments and scenery. It is good to know that in while on your stay in Knysna you can just let your hair down and relax.  Move slightly slower through life and let the wind into your hair as you cruise by.  This is what awaits you when you book one of the amazing scooter tours in Knysna.

Scoot through the Knysna forest, smell the earth

On this amazing tour on a Monster Mountain Scooter, visitors can truly enjoy their surroundings.  The tour takes you with a comfortable minibus into the heart of the forest onto magnificent hills for your downhill scooter experience into the Garden Route National Park.  The scooters used are exactly the same which visitors in the Swiss Alps use to commute on the mountain tracks during summertime when the snow has melted.

Experience nature up close

On this journey, you won’t only be able to smell the forest floor and vegetation, feel the wind your hair and hear all the forest sounds, but also possibly spot the Knysna Loerie.  You might also be able to find some bush buck or even wild boars. Since the scooters used aren’t motorized you can move silently and eco friendly through nature, seeing it in an undisturbed state.  To complete your experience, a personal guide will lead you on your journey and share with you all the forest secrets. Book your forest scooter experience now.

Often finding an alternative medium of transport when exploring a new destination, is part of the adventure.  This offer is no different.  The experience of riding a scooter, specially designed for exploring nature in an eco friendly way, is a brilliant solution to explore, appreciate and still leave nature undisturbed.  Every scooter has enough space for one adult and one child, hence take the entire family and enjoy Knysna.