What You Will Get

Hazyview – a sub-tropical paradise

Man has always had the dream to fly, to experience the freedom of a bird in flight, but seldom do we as humans get as close to experiencing true flight as when gliding through the Hazyview sky with the wind in our hair and freedom beneath our feet.  Roughly a four-hour drive from the city of Johannesburg lies the beautiful sub-tropical serenity of Hazyview.  A farming community known for its substantial contributions to the South African banana and macadamia industries.  Bordering the Kruger National Park, this town is surrounded by game reserves and natural beauty.  The town’s name is derived from the haze hanging in the air due to the summer’s heat.

Gliding through the air safely

It is here at Hazyview that visitors have the opportunity to glide over the last remaining natural forested valley along the Sabie River which is bordering the Kruger National Park.  Book your weekend adventure for the entire family, and enjoy a fun-filled experience of adventurous exploration.  Under the guidance of qualified guides, the safety of visitors is the first concern.  The aerial cable trail structure has been designed by engineers with absolute safety in mind.  It consists of ten platforms being distributed over the distance of the trail which is total 1.2 kilometers long.  Distances between platforms vary between 70 to 230 meters.

Become part of nature

Experience the freedom of a bird in flight while gliding through the valley above the treetops.  With regular stopping at selected points, visitors get the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty, bird life and flora in the vicinity.

The entire trail takes about 2 and a half hours leaving plenty of time to roam around the area for the remainder of the day.  Hazyview offers the perfect break away from the daily routine for the entire family.  Create memories to cherish for future reminiscence and book now.