What You Will Get

A short and affordable flight to paradise

Zanzibar is an exotic island paradise on the east coast of Africa.  The island of Zanzibar is in the Indian Ocean.  To travel by ferry to the mainland is about a two and a half hour voyage to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania.  Although Zanzibar isn’t a country in own right, it is considered to be a semi-autonomous region in Tanzania.  When people use the name Zanzibar, it is usually referring to all the island set in the Zanzibar Archipelago.  The real name of the main island Zanzibar is actually Ugunja. This island is surrounded by many more islands like Pemba and Mafia Island.

Zanzibar, a wonderful destination all year round

Zanzibar has a tropical climate and is hence a great destination to visit all year round.  The locals do however consider the period between June and October to be just magnificent and is their tourist season. The island offers a large variety of magnificent beaches, each worth of mention in their own right.  Therefore it is best to go and explore them for yourself.  If white sandy beaches and turquoise water is your Achilles heel, then you should definitely book some of the great accommodation options set right on the beach.

A brilliant world to explore

Zanzibar, which is also known as the Spice Islands, is a great place to explore.  It offers an adventure around any corner.  From great cuisine, crafty and colorful markets, guided tours, these islands are offering unlimited adventure.  It is also one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations.  Love and romance along with the rich aroma of fresh spices fill the air, which can one can’t find anywhere else in so much abundance.

Book your flight to this magnificent island destination and explore the beauty of Zanzibar.