What You Will Get

Fly away to an African experience

Kenya is a magical destination with a vast variety of tourism destinations.  Visitors to this country can expect to be awed by beautiful beaches, magnificent mountain scenery, geyser spouting lakes and rich wildlife.  Adventure and fun are limitless from exploring the beaches, rivers and hiking trails to getting to know the people and their culture.  Book on one of the many packages offered to explore this beauty.  Tourism is a large part of the country’s financial backbone and hence accommodation of the highest standard is offered to visitors.

Kenya offers vast open spaces

Kenya is known for its open spaces and savannah grasslands, home to the Maasai tribes.  The openness is also home to large communities of wildlife.  Giraffes, zebras, lions and elephants are only some of the wildlife to be explored in places like Masai Mara Game Reserve, Nairobi National Park and Hell’s Gate National Park.  Explore the beauty of pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park.  Don’t miss out on the magnificent geysers at Lake Kenya.  These geyser spout hot water into the air up to five meters high.  The lake is situated in a volcanic region which causes a natural spectacle.

World Heritage Sites

Kenya is home to six World Heritage Sites.  Lamu OId Town is the remnants of a 14th-century Swahili settlement.  Over the centuries this town has been home to Portuguese explorers, Omani Arabs and Turkish traders.  The town still has the same narrow streets and the markets are still based in the same locations as back then.  With no vehicles on the island, donkeys are the only means of transport.  A visit to Fort Jesus guarding the old harbor of Mombasa is another historic gem.  Kenya’s Lake Systems, Lake Turkana National Park, Mount Kenya National Park and Mijikenda Kaya Forests are also on the list and truly worth a visit.

With excellent pricing on flights to Kenya, can you afford not to visit this beautiful country?