What You Will Get

On the stoop of beauty

A mere 63 kilometers from the Airport in George lies the magnificent beauty of Knysna. Indeed known for always delivering on the greatest oyster experiences, but also being an oyster of a different kind.  Within the oyster of Knysna lies the jewel of the Garden Route.  Breath-taking scenery, rich tales telling the stories of people and places, events which call this place home and a vibrancy one gets only within a cultural collage like the one found in Knysna.

Many opportunities to explore Knysna

Known for its forested coast and high sandstone cliffs.   Knysna is also the home of characters like John Benn, the center of literature as captured in Dalene Matthee’s novels and the place where giants meet.  Not only referring to the elephants which made the area well-known but also being the place where the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean meet for a gentle kiss.  Knysna thrives on tourism and hence offers a brilliant array of restaurants and other delectable dining options.  Their accommodation varies from five-star luxury to more rustic solutions and their doors are open to invite you into the heart of Knysna and to experience all on offer.

An array of experiences

You can sip cocktails in the golden glow of the sun kissing her the last goodbyes on a sunset cruise. Or try something more active like hiking in the nature reserves or exploring Knysna via cycle.  The only limitation on experiences and immersing yourself within the beauty of this laid back town is your own imagination.

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