What You Will Get

 A romantic getaway

For an ultimate romantic spoil, Mauritius has been at the top of the list of go-to destinations forever.  This island destination has a bio diverse fauna and flora.  Its secluded location made it into a well-preserved area until recently.  The historical background of this island is rich and colorful.  The vibrant people of Mauritius is a collage of different cultures.  They deliver on a magnificent fuse of flavor and attraction.  Yet, most visit the island for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and golden sunsets.

Luxury accommodation in Mauritius

There are so many options to choose from.  Depending on what your personal preference is.  Also, your itinerary of planned activities and destinations will determine where you will stay. Yet, Mauritius has something to offer for every budget and personal preference. Whether you prefer to stay in a vibrant hub of one of the larger cities or something more secluded in a private beach, Mauritius has it.  You can enjoy freshly prepared local dishes everywhere. Also, a magnitude of local craft markets are brilliant opportunities to immerse yourself in their culture.

A load of activities and sites.

Mauritius has so much to offer in natural beauty.  Whether you want to explore the ocean from above or underneath, it can be done. There are many options to explore the magical inland. From craters to wildlife, the adventure never stops. The brilliant colored sand of Chamarel never ceases to amaze.  Alternatively, a journey along a more historic route can be explored.  Even culinary treats and cooking classes are on offer to entertain. Take back more than memories, gather some local recipes.

For those who merely want to relax in a cloud of romance, the beaches are plenty.  Pools and cocktail bars can be found all over. The best time of day is when the sun sets. Creating a beautiful background for the perfect honeymoon photo shoot.

Book your flight to this brilliant romantic destination and explore the island of love.