What You Will Get

So much more than a sleepy seaport

Maputo played a vital role in the Indian spice trade.  The country was under Portuguese ruling for centuries.  It was the backdrop against which a terrible civil war was set.  Today Maputo is a vibrant buzzing cosmopolitan city.  After a devastating cyclone Idai earlier this year, Maputo had to take another blow on the chin, but the people of this country are strong and resilient and tourists will receive yet again the same warm and welcoming reception which they always have.

Different names,the same hospitality

The city of Maputo was previously known as Delagoa Bay.  The city is surrounded by a network of rivers in the bay area.  In 1544, Lourenço Marques, a Portuguese navigator, went to the area to explore.  This led to the construction of various trading posts and forts for the Portuguese.  Yet, the city remained nothing but small fishing village until when a railroad was completed quite late into the 19th century. This ran all the way from Pretoria in South Africa to link up Mozambique via Maputo.  The link between these two cities made Maputo a great harbor to export goods from South Africa.  Gold was often the export product which traveled by train from the mines in South Africa to be loaded onto ships in this harbor city.  This meant that the city suddenly started showing substantial growth.  In such a way that in 1907, the Island of Mozambique was replaced by Maputo as the capital city of the country. Today the Island of Mozambique is a UNESCO world heritage site.

A cultural adventure

Maputo has found peace after many years of turbulence.  Today it is a well-recognized tourist destination which also was the backdrop in various Hollywood creations, like Blood Diamond.

The city has many luxurious accommodation options and the activities to explore the country are limitless.  You can fly there now for a very affordable adventure break.