What You Will Get

Enjoy the isolation of the desert

Travel from Windhoek to the Namib Desert and explore Namibia in a group no larger than 15 people.  Experience the beauty of starry nights, the desolate landscape and the isolation which brings inner peace on this magnificent tour of Namibia. Included in the price are accommodation for all the nights, as well as three meals per day and snacks and refreshments.  A professional guide will provide you with safety, direction and valuable information. Although alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase, it is excluded from the price.

The journey beyond the horizon in Namibia

From Windhoek, the journey turns south towards the desert.  Visit the Sesriem canyon.  This canyon has been carved by the Tsauchab River and serves as the entry into the Namib-Naukluft National Park. From here golden and orange hues of the sunset over the Elim dunes create a spectacular show as entry to an equally magnificent display.  A night sky alive with sparkling stars.  At Spitzkoppe drawings of the original inhabitants of Namibia can be seen.  This area has some very well-known Bushmen drawings illustrating the life of a time long gone by. During a drive through Damaraland, it is time to greet three local tribes.  The Himba’s, Hereros and Damaras.

Etosha Park, the jewel in a crown of wonder

The adventure takes a halt in the globally famous Etosha National Park.  Here lions, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos and many antelope roam freely.  Assistance will be provided to set up camp.

Etosha Park is a place of mystic and magic.  A place where the beauty is carved out over centuries into the most unforgiving landscapes, a place wherein the isolation of your surroundings visitors find a new meaning in life, where your shadow becomes your friend and once you return to the world beyond, a piece of your heart will have stayed behind.

Visit Namibia and experience greatness in isolation.