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Cooking in Kandy is more than food

When visiting Sri Lanka, their cooking is a brilliant way to experience the true culture of the people, their heritage and their lifestyles.  With all the delectable cuisine on offer in Sri Lanka, it is a brilliant idea to join in on this amazing cooking experience, to learn more about the people and to make memories.  The brilliance of cooking is in the fact that you can taste the memories, when already long departed.

Sri-Lanka –  Learning through food

Harvest your own vegetables and visit the paddy fields before starting this journey of cooking truly traditional food with traditional tools, the Sri Lankan way.  This is a six-hour journey into history on the road of culinary experiences, infused flavours, local tales and getting to know so much more about this wonderfully friendly nation.  Afterwards, you can share in the feast you have prepared.

Pilimathalawa, Kandy District

These cooking classes are presented in the Kandy District.  Kandy is set on a plateau in Sri Lanka which is surrounded by the most magnificent mountains.  The area is home to tea plantations set within the biodiversity of a rain forest.  The center of the city has formed around Kandy Lake.  Kandy is also home to the Temple of Tooth shrine as well as many more Buddhist sites.  The tables in Kandy is set with the most flavorful cuisine.  Cashew curries, rice box and seafood platters.  Enjoy their traditional milk tea.

Book in advance to be part of this culinary experience.  Learn from the experts how to prepare these delectable dining options at home and take a bit of Sri Lankan heritage, history and above all many memories with you when going back home.

The course price includes your food and collection in Kandy.


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