July 14, 2019

Explore Jozi’s best sports pubs

Joburg sports pubs

Much can be said about a man’s character based on the kind of sports he watches, where he prefers to watch it and how he handles the final score. The sport being played is not in our control and how he handles the final score is in his hands, but we can make mention of some of Jozi’s favorite waterholes where sports fans flock, both in celebration and defeat.

The Brazen Head

Stepping onto this pub will have any Irishman long for home.  The cozy pub is set in Eden Glen, yet the dimly lit lights, the wooden decorations and interior and Anglo-Irish food resemble an entirely different world.  The Guinness on tap never runs dry and the wide-screen TV’s display constant sporting action.  At the Brazen Head, there is nothing passive about watching the TV, it is much more delivering a sports-watching experience amidst an environment where strangers leave as friends.

Jozi pubs The Brazen Head

The Jolly Roger, a Jozi jewel

A Rosebank gem delivers dynamite.  This small bar has a huge vibe and is a great place to hang out for the younger crowd.  Sports is truly coming alive within the small pub.  The patrons are legendary and the character is great.  For a fun night out watching sports, this is a great option.  If the night gets very late, rather be safe than sorry and stay over at one of the many surrounding accommodation options.

Jozi pubs Jolly Roger

Green and Gold

Probably a place in Jozi for those more focused on the results than the surrounding action.  Green and Gold in Roodepoort are like a good old faithful friend, probably serving a bit more of an older crowd.  They provide plenty of space to enjoy a great game and a great meal.  Their massive outdoor screen is very popular and they pride themselves to always aim to deliver quality and service according to the Green and Gold standard.  If your team is playing while staying over in Roodepoort, do join in and make some friends for life.

Jozi pubs Green and Gold

Gilroy’s Brewery, Jozi’s best brew

Steve Gilroy gets asked for by name and not just by anyone. Bond, James Bond is the name of the thirsty patron who requested a Gilroy when visiting South Africa.  If the story seems quite far-fetched then consider again. Steve Gilroy is the proud winner of four award-winning pints in his collection.  The bar and the big screen is conveniently located in order to prevent thirst at any time.  Hence it might be a great idea to consider ordering your shuttle service in advance.

Jozi pubs Gilroy's brewery

Rim and Rubber

All Jozi petrol-heads are welcome at this retro pub resembling the perfect race day.  A serious collection of not only motorbikes but also their parts are part of the unique decorations. Thus creating an ambiance set for any racing event.  This is not just another sports pub.  It brings back memories of a typical American diner as displayed in the best which the silver screen has brought over the years.  The assembly shop and general store allow patrons to buy more than just a pint.  They can also leave with much-needed memorabilia from days of racing glory.


Jozi pubs Rim and Rubber