July 14, 2019

About Japan, cherry blossoms and World Cup Action

Japan Cherry Blossom

Four years ago Japan shocked the world in their performance during the Rugby World Cup. This year in September they are opening their doors to the same world as hosts of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.  Japan is expecting a global attendance and they won’t disappoint. With all the preparations Japan is as always ready to show off their beauty and magnificence not only as a worthy sports competitor but also as so much more.  The 20th of September is the date for kick-off, which leaves those not so much in love with large crowds with at least a perfect two weeks in September to explore the magnificence of Japan.  Since September marks the time when the cherry blossoms are creating a vibrant scene of brilliant color and beauty, a pre-World Cup visit to Japan is probably a great idea. Let’s explore some more brilliant September attractions in Japan.

Japan host to Rugby World Cup 2019

Breathtaking natural beauty

Only an hour’s drive away from Tokyo you will find Saitama Prefecture.  This is the largest field in Japan filled with Higanbana flowers, also known as the red spider lily.  From middle September they are standing in full bloom and lit the fields alight with their magnificent beauty.

Japan Higanbana flowers

It is also time then the early autumn leaves paints the scenery in a brilliant collage of warm autumn colors in Hokkaido, which normally receives earlier autumn than the mainland.

Another floral spectacular is the Cherry Blossoms or Cosmos flowers coloring the fields around Mount Fuji throughout the most of September.  This creates a sea of color which can’t be missed.

Cherry blossoms are considered for more than just their delicate beauty that they bring to the streets, it is also symbolic to a large part of the Japanese culture. The large volumes of flowers covering trees in snow white shades resemble clouds and became a metaphor for the nature of life, which is leaning towards the strong Buddhist influences in Japan. These blossoms bring much elation with their exquisite beauty.

Great Food

Only a few days before the World Cup kicks off, Tokyo is still entertaining food lovers at the annual Tokyo Wagyu Show.  This show is 5 days of celebrating great food in the outdoors at Hibiya Park.  Wagyu beef with its marble appearance is any meat lover’s dream.  It is considered to be so tender that it melts away in your mouth.  At this show, Japan is showcasing this delicate wonder in various forms and tastings.  An absolute must-attend for those who like an excellent steak cooked to perfection.

Japanese delicate steak Waygu

Cultural sports

During the second week of September, it is time for the Ryogoku Kokugikan stadium to make some noise for the Suma Grand Tournament.  A magnificent cultural spectacular which you need to attend while spending some time in Japan.

Japan Sumo Wrestling Championship

Party, party, party

Mid-September it is time for ULTRA JAPAN.  This is the largest EDM festival and it is featuring some of the world’s top DJ talent.  If you have always wanted to see Tiesto, Alesso or Skrillex, don’t miss out on this party of a lifetime.

Japan hosting DJ Tiesto

Book your pre-World Cup visit to Japan now. Explore the beauty and magnificence which is all leading up to one of the many great events held in September.

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